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Scientific and technical translation requires accurate transmission of content and a thorough understanding of the source language. My degree-level knowledge base in both languages and biochemistry makes me the perfect choice to help you achieve your communication goals while remaining accurate.

French to English translation

German to English translation

Translation and proofreading of documents relating to chemistry, biology, genetics, medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and drink. I specialise in patent translation but can reliably and efficiently translate any documents you need to aid understanding or communication with your international partners.

French to English revision

German to English revision

Thorough and precise source-to-target proofreading across all fields. I have years of experience working for an industry leader as a translation reviser as well as years of experience as a technical translator. With me, you get the best of both worlds: linguistic accuracy and scientific know-how.


Have a technical document to publish and want to make sure it’s coherent and sounds professional? I can help with as little or as much technical or linguistic input as you require! I can provide a top-notch proofread in both my native British English, as well as American English.

About me

  • 10 years of experience with an industry leader in patent translation
  • Qualified member of the ITI
  • Associate member of the Royal Society of Biology
  • Master of Modern Languages in French and German 
  • Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry

Business accounting

 Helen consistently produces high-quality translations [...] provided in a timely manner. [She] has always shown herself to be a consummate professional, who takes the art of translation very seriously." 

- George Cook, Language Technology Manager, RWS IP Services

 Helen's work has been of an outstanding quality and [she] has never missed a deadline. Her attitude to work has always been exemplary [...] she has always been willing to share her knowledge with others."

- David Sherman, Head of Staff Translation, RWS IP Services


+44 (0)7815 526645

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